Terms & Conditions

Termsand Conditions for Allwood Horse Transport. Please read these terms and conditions carefully in order to confirmyour booking.

1. Reasonable wear and tear of the vehicle is accepted;however you are liable to cover the cost of repairs to any damage caused byyour horse. You have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before departureand agree any damage, as arguments will not be entered into later. Any contentsare your responsibility. The transport vehicle must be used in accordance withthe manufacturer’s specifications.

2. We are insured for care, custody and control up to amaximum of £10,000 per animal. With making your booking you agree with theseconditions confirms that you are happy with this maximum amount. We also advisethat you insure your animal for transportation.

3. It is up to you as the customer if you wish to use legprotection and a tail bandage on your horse for travelling, you must provide aheadcollar and lead rope just let us know when booking if you cannot do thisand we will provide one. Due to different dietary requirements, we do notprovide hay but do carry haynets if you wish to provide hay for the journey.

4. The driver takes all reasonable precautions; however, inthe event of an accident please note that you are personally liable for yourhorse in the event of injury or damage sustained to or by your horse.

 5. Liability is notaccepted for loss of entry fees or any other related expenses in the event ofdelayed or cancelled journeys for any reason.

6. 45 minutes loading time in included in your booking with£10 per half hour for time spent loading after the 45 minutes. Should it not bepossible to load your horse, a callout fee will still be charged which willtake account of the mileage already travelled and time taken in attempt to loadyour horse. Should you be on a shared load the time may change dependant on thehorses behaviour already on the vehicle.

7. Should your horse be very unsettled we reserve the rightto refuse to transport the animal and a callout fee will still be payable. Ifyour horse becomes unsettled during transit then we reserve the right to sedateyour horse and/or call out an emergency vet to sedate your horse if we deem thesituation necessary. You will be liable for any veterinary expenses.

8. You are personally liable for your horse duringtransport. Please ensure your horse has a passport that must be given to thetransporter.

9. Payment is due on the day of transport by cash, or theday before transport by bank transfer. Cheques are not accepted. A cancellationfee of 50% will be issued for any booking cancelled within 48 hours of the dateof transport.

10. Under the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997(WATO) I cannot transport any animal unless it is fit for travel. It is theowner’s responsibility to ensure that their horse or pony is allowed and fitfor travel. If your horse or pony is incapable of, or unfit for, travel, in myopinion, I reserve the right to refuse to transport it and a call-out fee willbe charged to cover any costs I have already incurred.

11. Customers are more than welcome to travel in the cab ofthe vehicle, but should be aware they do entirely at their own risk.  

12. By accepting a quote from Allwood Horse Transport and confirming a booking the customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions outlined above.

“Twemlows Stud are regular users of Allwood Horse Transport. Sam & Vicki are top class horse handlers, calm but persistent and we would entrust any of our most nervous horses to their care in their transporter. Their stable set up is always immaculate. We are fortunate to have them so close”